Birds: How to Address the Issue When they Become a Pest

Whilst birds are a beautiful species to watch, they can quickly become pests. For residents living in major cities or larger towns, it can especially become a headache. You have heard of a ‘bird’s eye view’, but the saying takes on a different meaning when they have their eye fixed on your home!

In BC, Canada, it is usually woodpeckers, damaging wood walls, starlings travelling in noisy and large flocks and pigeons who are the culprits defecating on buildings. Such a bird infestation can have hazardous health consequences for humans. These kinds of birds can spread diseases to humans and animals.

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When birds invade your home or commercial property it can cause structural risks and can create health issues. Of all the above-mentioned species, pigeons pose the greatest problem. Therefore, the removal of pigeons is number one on the request-list of every bird control service.

Controlling methods keeping pigeons away

  • Pigeon repellent
  • Pigeon netting
  • Pigeon spikes
  • Specialist cleaning

The above-mentioned poses to be the most effective procedures, although many more are available.

Bird removal from attic

The attic is a perfect place for birds or rodents to invade. Birds can become a consequential annoyance when invading the attic. However, their droppings pose a serious threat as it contains bacteria, moulds, parasites as well as viruses which pose a hazard to humans.

The three types of species which invade our attics are starlings, pigeons, English sparrows and even woodpeckers sometimes. Whilst starlings, sparrows and pigeons will enter through existing openings, woodpeckers can cause damage as they create their own entry space through the wood. In areas near the ocean even gulls can choose your roof to create their nests.

The best advice when it comes to pigeon pest control, or the other species, best option is to hire the services of a reputable pest control company. A professional company’s services normally include the under-mentioned methods, although many more can be included.

  • Removal of birds and nests
  • Relocation of both birds & nests
  • Bird exclusion
  • Decontamination
  • Deterrents for birds like motion sensors, spikes, audio & visual gadgets

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