Techniques & Strategies to Remove Moles

Presence of mole in a garden can cause the homeowner major problems.

Moles are territorial and also solitary. According to studies conducted, earthworms are the mole’s main diet, as they are insectivores.

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The most effective way for mole removal at home, is hiring the services of a professional mole exterminator! Factual and quality knowledge always beat home remedies.

Techniques and Strategies of Mole Control Services

The Location

Firstly a professional mole trapper will determine the runways of the principal mole. This is done by following straight courses, fence rows, wood perimeter and concrete paths. This can help the mole exterminator in finding the mole nests. Such nests generally are along fence- or hedge-rows.

Installation of Mole Traps

After determining the probable main mole’s runways, the installation of mole traps will be done. Victor and Talpirid traps pose to be highly efficient.

Underground Mole Trap

This type of mole trap is not visible. Just a professional mole exterminator can do this job effectively. Such traps are installed inside the mole’s main tunnel. The mole exterminator will cover it with some soil to conceal it. It is not advisable to try to do this yourself, because you can injure yourself if not careful.

Dual-Spring Mole Trap

This kind of mole trap is less complicated in comparison with the Underground trap. The trap has a dual-spring trap and is heavy-duty. The dual spring ascertain the trained mole exterminator to have major catching power.

Hiring a professional exterminator is the best way to get rid of moles. We determine the most effective solution required to control the problem while inspecting the ground, and eliminate the pest for you. Call us at 604-349-6402 to book an appointment.