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Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs: How to Get Rid of the Little Buggers

Once you have bed bugs in your bed and home, it can become a real nightmare. Whilst during daytime they hide inside walls, tiny crevices, headboards, footboards and even electronic devices, at night they come out and feed on you! They can also be easily picked up while travelling; hiding in your belongings and clothes.

There are some home remedies getting rid of these little pests.

 Home Remedies

  • Using lavender oil
  • Rubbing on alcohol
  • Using the tumble drier
  • Diatomaceous earth

However, the best way to get rid of bed bugs is to hire the services of a professional bed bugs company. This should be done before the infestation gets worse! Once the bug problem is determined, calling a professional will be the best option!

As there are many bed bugs control services available nowadays, here are some tips to choose the right pest control company.

Tips on selecting an efficient and reputable company

  • Don’t be dependable on advertising or sales pitches
  • Get some trustworthy references
  • Ask for a treatment plan and procedure in advance as well as tips for preventing further infestation.

Before hiring the company, do your research well and make sure that they are certified, registered and licensed. If renting, inform the landlord regarding the pest-infestation. Yes, the professional pest treatment might be a little more expensive than the earlier mentioned home remedies, but it brings with it the peace of mind you deserve. To wake up with red and itchy welts is not an option!

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