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Are you irritated with the bed bug bites problem? At Total Pest Control, we have a team of trained bed bugs exterminators to provide you permanent bed bugs removal solutions with guaranteed peace of mind. No need to worry about how they got in, but we make sure that we will get them OUT. Schedule an appointment with us today and our experts will reach for inspection and will confirm whether you have a bed bug infestation or not. If you have them, we will immediately start work on eradicating bed bugs from your home as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

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We do educate homeowners about all the steps that will be taken during the elimination of bed bugs infestation to make the process less painful for them.

Bed Bug Inspection and Identification

Bed Bugs are the tiny creature that fed on human blood. These bugs suck blood while a person is sleeping and, in most cases, causes swelling on the skin, although symptoms vary from person to person. Bed bugs should be trapped on the initial stage otherwise their infestation will make the situation worse. These bugs can hide themselves safely inside smoke detectors, electrical sockets, cracks in walls, as well as in bed frames, mattresses and inside our bedding.

You can also inspect them yourself if they are in recognizable places but if they hide themselves in other places as mentioned above then detecting them will be a daunting task for you. In such a situation, it is better to get the inspection work done by professionals. Only a detailed inspection will locate bed bugs and help in successful elimination so that you can sleep better at night.

We perform many bed bug inspections per month and with years of experience, we assure you that you will get the best bed bug inspection services. You can give us a call today at 604-349-6402 to discuss your problem or scheduling a home inspection.

Following are some of the techniques of bed bug inspection:

Visual Inspection:

In visual inspection, common signs for the existence of Bed bugs are confirmed before kicking off any control treatment procedure. The visual inspection is done through naked eyes as these small creatures can be seen by their shed skins, eggs, and feces or can be noticed by some musty odor in any part of the room.

Trap Inspection:

If the visual inspection is inconclusive, trap inspection can be used to confirm the presence of bed bugs as well. It is one of the most common types that is implemented by most of the industry professionals while inspecting bed bugs. There are multiple traps available and are used according to the infestation conditions. Traps are classified into 2 categories, active traps, and passive trap.

Active Traps possesses the attractants like pheromones, carbon dioxide, pheromone and heat that successfully attracts the bugs.

Passive Traps don’t possess attractants and normally trap the bugs when they crawl over it (e.g. glue traps). The desired results completely depend on the closeness of the location placed.

If the traps are set up properly, traps will start working when the bed bugs get hungry. Traps are mostly used to detect the infestation, and normally don’t get all the bugs present at the location.

Options to Choose for Bed Bug Treatment in Surrey & Metro-Vancouver

You might be suffering from bed bugs problem and have painful marks on your skin. It’s time to take strong action and saying goodbye to bed bugs permanently. There are many options available for effective bed bug treatment across Surrey.

Traditional or Chemical Bed Bug Extermination Treatment:

Traditional treatment for bed bugs removal is the best option, and is the one used by Total Pest Control Ltd as well. We use a combination of Chemical Spray, Steaming, and Vacuuming, to exterminate the bugs. This combo approach has proven better than the other options of spray only, heating, and freezing methods used by some other companies. Our procedure involves 2 treatments with two different types of sprays to make sure we get even the most resistant bugs during the procedure. It also breaks and stops the bed bug reproduction cycle. After the first session, even if a few eggs deep in wall cracks survived and start hatching in the next 2 weeks, the second, free, treatment kills those hatched insects and permanently stops the life cycle of bed bugs.

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