Fleas Control & Treatment

Fleas are wingless and tiny creatures with a brownish colour. Pets, Farm animals, Wild animals (including squirrels, skunks, rats, mice, etc.) and, unfortunately, humans too, are their hosts. Fleas can cause infections and spread various kinds of allergic reactions.

Living in BC, Canada and facing flea infestation? Well, then we advise you to hire the best flea control company available. Extermination & Pest Control Companies are the experts in their field. These companies deliver commercial, construction and residential pest control services.

Total Pest Control is insured & licensed by the Government. We provide flea control services at a competitive and reasonable rate. We use eco friendly technologies to control the problem.

Flea bites can cause extreme itching not only to your pets, but many people are allergic to flea bites. The itching can result in cuts, scratches and infections.

However, indoor treatment will not be enough as fleas can hatch in your backyard.

When inspecting your pets for fleas make sure to check around their neck as well as the tail’s base. Fleas are prone to crawl to areas which your pet can find it hard to scratch.

Keep your house clean and vacuum regularly.

When your home is infested with fleas, which can happen after leaving it closed up whilst on holiday, you have a major problem. In such a situation and even in milder situations, it is very wise to get hold of a professional pest control provider, which will use the perfect indoor flea killer, which won’t pose any health risks to you or your pets.

After all it is the professionals who know how to kill fleas and which will eradicate the fleas fast and efficiently.

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