Cockroach Infestation

Professional Pest Control Services Versus Common DIY Methods

Experiencing a cockroach infestation is anyone’s worst nightmare! Those creepy, offensive, horrible insects will get anyone up in arms! These ugly buggers are the cause of different diseases, especially asthma. They also exude a disgusting smelling odor as they move all over to scavenge on leftover food etc.

The size and colour of roaches can be different. This will depend on which species we are dealing with. In Canada, most common species are American and German Cockroaches. The German cockroach is reddish brown in colour, has wings, but flies very rarely, 2 long antennas and 3 pairs of legs. American Cockroaches are the largest of almost all species. They can grow to be four to seven centimeter long! They are the same colour as the German ones and behind their heads are some yellow margins.

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We have all the necessary equipment needed to get rid of roaches, which includes Eco Friendly Technologies. However, we also offer house inspection services to determine the extent of the infestation. These services are rendered at a favorable and highly competitive rate! We also have an impressive list of pest control services!

These scary creatures are associated with diseases like food poisoning and asthma. Furthermore, virus which travels on the roaches’ shells and other bacteria can cause health disorders including: boils, abscesses, diarrhea, bubonic plague, leprosy, typhoid fever, lesions, gastroenteritis and infections of the urinary tract and intestines. An ugly painted picture, befitting the roaches, indeed.

DIY methods

Boric acid

This powdery substance can be purchased at pharmacies. Mixing this acid with sugar, white flour and water you can make balls of dough. Put in closet-corners, behind appliances, cupboards, garbage cans and floor boards.

Cockroach sweeper

This is manufactured from herbs and more natural ingredients. This bait to kill roaches, poses a safe option for humans, poultry and animals. This kills the invaders slowly but gradually.

Why hire a Cockroach Control Service Company?

  • The professionals have the know how to deal with your roach problem in an efficient way and is the best way to kill cockroaches.
  • Some companies, including Total Pest Control, give a guarantee for particular periods of time, permanently eliminating the pests.
  • Such a professional pest control company has the necessary resources and equipment handling a variety of issues.
  • Provide peace of mind that no harmful substance will be used whilst eradicating the cockroaches.
  • Professional exterminating companies are licensed and inspected by environmental and health agencies.

The choice is yours, but we advise you to get the professionals to get rid of these horrible insects permanently.

To hire cockroach killer service providers to remove cockroaches fully and finally, call us at 604-349-6402 or send us email at [email protected]