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Many different types of squirrels are found across Canada and are a common problem that disturbs homeowners in Surrey and other parts of the country.

Squirrels can survive and thrive in almost every kind of environment as they are highly adaptable creatures. Having said that, they are mostly found in urban areas since it is easier for them to find food and shelter. These small wildlife creatures feature slender bodies and have bushy tails. Their large eyes are quite prominent and give them, somewhat, an adorable look. However, don’t fall for their looks as they have the potential to cause damages in your property. So, it’s pertinent to hire reliable squirrel control Surrey services by Total Pest Control to ensure you wouldn’t have to face this issue. A delay on your part can lead to widespread damage in your home.

How Squirrels Infest Your Home?

Although the way they infest a home depends majorly on their type but generally it is through the attic. Since this part of the home is the least used, it makes for a safe shelter for squirrels. They tend to create nests. Having said that, mostly squirrels prefer living alone. Also, they use their four front teeth to gnaw. These teeth grow in size with the passage of time. An adult female squirrel can carry its offspring for 3 to 5 weeks. The number of young ones it births depend on the species.

Signs of Squirrel Infestation

  • Scratching or Chewing Noises
  • Property Damage
  • Nests
  • Squirrel Droppings
  • A Foul Odour
  • Apparent Tracks
  • Water Damage Signs on Walls/Ceilings

Neglecting these signs of squirrel infestation can prove to be fatal. So, don’t waste any time and call us at 604-349-6402 for the best squirrel pest control Surrey services.

Dangers of Squirrel Infestation

Property Damage

A major issue posed by squirrel infestation relates to the damage these creatures can cause to your property. They can chew certain materials including electric wiring. Therefore, you will have to incur heavy expenses to deal with the damages.

Insulation and Drainage Problems

Some types of squirrels use drainage pipes as their passageways. Hence, if you have squirrel infestation in your home, there are high chances that you will be having a drainage problem. Other than that, they can chew insulation material, resulting in more heat in summers inside your home. This can also impact the performance of the air conditioner. And you will have to bear higher electricity charges as well.


Like other pests, squirrel infestation can also result in an outbreak of a disease in your home. For example, their droppings carry germs with them. These germs can be responsible for spreading a number of diseases in your home. This is why hiring pest control services that specialize in squirrel control is recommended.

Give us a call at 604-349-6402 if you want to avoid facing any such issues. Our squirrel control specialists will handle the situation effectively and professionally.

Types of Squirrels that Can Infest Your Home

Black Squirrels

These are invasive species & not native to North America. They can easily and rapidly pass through any opening, even if it is quite small. They make their way in residential properties by chewing the rooftop area. These squirrels are mostly active during the night time.

Gray Squirrels

Gray Squirrels, just like flying squirrels, are also nocturnal. However, the similarity ends there. These squirrels are relatively bigger in size as compared to their counterparts. They feed on nuts, vegetables, fruits and other storing foods.

Their way of entering homes is also different as compared to flying squirrels. They use drainage pipes as gateways to enter homes.

Red Squirrels

These are the smallest squirrels. Unlike other types of squirrels discussed above, red squirrels are active during the day time. You can easily identify an infestation situation if red squirrels are the culprits due to the noise they make. Generally, these squirrels feed on seeds, conifer cones and nuts.

How Our Squirrel Exclusion Services Can Help Your Problem?

Often perceived as adorable creatures, squirrels are capable of creating havoc in your home. Thus, don’t waste any time and hire the best services by Total Pest Control. Over the years, we have carved a reputation of offering effective solutions that have helped homeowners tackle squirrel infestation problems. You can rely on us as we are a licensed company with fully insured services.

Salient features of our services include:

  • Tested Methods: At Total Pest Control, we do not follow run-of-the-mill, conventional ways to tackle the issue of squirrel infestation. Our specialty lies in the fact that we offer advanced solutions that are known to produce effective results.
  • Quick Response: For us, customer satisfaction holds utmost importance. We understand the fact that not tackling a squirrel infestation issue quickly can create troubles in a home or commercial space. Thus, we provide them with quick assistance to deal with a squirrel infestation issue.
  • Inexpensive: Most people tend to stay away from professional pest control services because of the high rates. However, if you are hiring us, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank as our services are very affordable. You will be able to make your home free from squirrels without bearing huge expenses.
  • Experienced Staff: We have hired a professional team to tackle squirrel infestation. Each member in our team has years of experience in dealing with issues pertaining infestation of different pests including squirrels.
  • Latest Equipment: At Total Pest Control, we have equipped our staff with the latest equipment. This helps them to get rid of the problem for good, without causing any sort of damage to your property.

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