Insect Control. An Annoying And Difficult Task; What To Do?

Insects with their extremely different structures are indeed the world’s most plentiful creatures. Some insects do assist humans in various ways, like bees which pollinate flowers. However, most species pose a threat to humans. Food reserves and crops can be destroyed by them. Others which live near to human populations can spread different diseases.

​Can TPCS CANADA solve your problem?

Insects like fleas, bed bugs, cockroaches, and flies, to mention some, can spread various diseases.

There are various methods to safeguard your home or surroundings against such disease-spreading pests. However, your best option is to hire the services of a professional insect exterminator. ​

​The myth that this only happens at rundown or unclean homes, is indeed only a myth! The insects can attack even the newest and cleanest houses too. Do you have a problem with carpet beetles, Indian meal moths, drain flies and other pests? Well, the company to call is Total Pest Control, a highly esteemed extermination & pest control firm!

Our highly acclaimed pest control company has all the necessary equipment and trained staff to take care of your pest problem. We are insured, and licensed by the Government. Call us when you suspect an infestation of any pest.

The good news for environmental friendly folks is that we offer advanced solutions which are eco friendly too!

Measures you can use as an indoor insect killer

  • To try to keep insects away by being proactive. You should take care of any standing water in or around the house, which will decrease insect numbers. Where flies are concerned, get rid of all organic materials on which their maggots can feed. Seal foods for protection and keep garbage cans as clean as possible and closed at all times.
  • Various pheromone traps and baits can be purchased which are pest specific. Fly baits contain toxins and are food based to assist in controlling the pest. Other pheromones based baits can attract both genders of the species, thus decreasing their their reproduction rate.
  • Exclusion can also help. Ensure that all gaps or cracks in your home’s structure are sealed, to deny the insects access to your house.

However, the most efficient way is to hire insect control services

​Call TPCS ​to clear up your problem in a fast and efficient way. Our pest control company has the right resources and skilled workers to get rid of all types of insects.

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