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Wasps are some of the most aggravating, frightening pests to have on your property. Wasps can build their nests in many parts of your home, from the attic to underground in the garden. Sometimes, they can cause damage to your property by building their nests and tunnels to and from the nest.

Wasps also pose a threat to any residents and can cause legitimate distress to anyone who is afraid of or allergic to stinging insects.

For wasps extermination in the Surrey area, contact Total Pest Control. We have valuable experience in the pest control industry in the Vancouver area and can handle your wasp problem quickly and effectively.

Why Wasps Are a Problem

A colony of wasps begins with a single queen and can grow to include up to 1,000 workers. Worker wasps build the nest throughout the summer, while the queen lays eggs to keep the colony alive until the end of the season. Every winter, the first generation will die and the new colony will hatch and flourish the next spring.

Wasps multiply quickly, and wasps and hornets alike cause problems for humans because they sting when they feel provoked. Such stings are rarely dangerous unless the person has an allergy, but even so, many people prefer to have wasps and hornets removed to avoid the issue altogether.

How to Control Wasps

Professional wasp extermination is the best way to deal with a wasp problem in your home or yard. Many wasp nests are built in enclosed spaces, which may lead people to think they can simply plug up the entrance and the wasps will die. In actuality, the wasps will find a new way out of their nest, which can lead to property damage.

Instead, call Total Pest Control for wasp removal and extermination. Call us at 604-349-6402 today to schedule an appointment.

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