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Wasps come in different colors & sizes. There are over 500 species of Wasps in Canada. The most common is the Yellow-jacket which gets its name due to yellow and black lines on its body. Hornets are normally darker in color.

They can build their nests on trees, in attics & crawl spaces, on walls, and underground. Wasps normally prefer warmer environment to make nests.
Wasps colonies are started by a lone Queen, who starts building the nest and lays the eggs. As they eggs hatch and worker wasps come out, they take over the nest building process from the queen who keeps laying eggs and keep increasing the population of the next. One colony can have as many as 10,000 workers in a season. The last batch of eggs contains the Queens for next generation. Only the new Queens survive the winter, while the rest of the nest dies in the winter.
If wasps are detected coming out from a hole, it is important not to block it. Call a Pest Control professional to deal with it.

Closing the hole will not kill them, but will only force them to find new ways to come out, which might cause damage to your property.

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