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Total Pest Control Ltd is a well-known name for pest control in Burnaby BC. After delivering its services in nearby regions, we are now ready to make residential and commercial properties pest free in Burnaby as well. Our company has highly experienced and qualified staff to deal with any type of pests. We not only eliminate most of the pests, but also close their entrance points to stop future invasions.

At Total Pest Control Ltd., we aim to become the best pest control Burnaby company you can trust to make your home free from all kinds of pests. The use of the latest equipment and advanced techniques make us the best in this field. Regardless of the type of pests that have infested your home, we will help you to make your home pest free.

Ant Control

Ants are not something new in your home. You may not pay heed to their presence in your home, but they will soon start to spoil every food material present in your kitchen. Furthermore, ants will also damage your home. They make holes in your walls to build their colonies. Some species of ants can also cause skin problems upon biting. Therefore, hire ant exterminator Burnaby services by Total Pest Control Ltd to get rid of ants.

Bed Bug Control

Observing red marks on your legs and other exposed parts of your body every morning you wake up? It may mean your home has been infested with bed bugs. You may think cleaning your bed and mattress will help you to get rid of them. But the fact is, bed bugs develop colonies in other parts of your home as well. They move swiftly to your bed at night, suck your blood and leave before morning. Don’t want to be food for these bed bugs anymore? Hire our most experienced bed bug exterminator in Burnaby and eliminate them.

Wasps Control

Slight moisture in the air or somewhere in your home and wasps will not hesitate for a minute to invade your home. When they develop their nest in your home, it will become hard to eliminate them. They not only sting you for no reason but also damage your attic or ceiling. They also make their nests in the trees in your front & backyards. You will never wish to come against them due to their aggressive nature, but you can hire Total Pest Control Ltd. Our Burnaby wasp control experts are professionally-trained to deal with them..

Rat Control

Probably no one in the world can tolerate a rat in the house. You may not even catch a glimpse of them in your home as they show nocturnal behavior. Along with several diseases that rats bring to your home, they also damage certain home appliances as well. They love scratching and biting everything that comes in front of their eyes. To protect your health and your home appliances, contact Total Pest Control Ltd’s rat control Burnaby experts.

Mice Control

Mice are smaller than rats and move at a quicker speed as well. Mice can come into your home from several ways. A tiny opening is enough for them to make their way into your home. Diseases, bad smells, and damage to clothes and home appliances indicate the presence of mice in your home. Hire our Burnaby mice control services to get rid of them as soon as possible. Our workers know very well about their entrances and block them permanently to stop the future invasions.

Squirrel Control

Squirrels don’t look creepy or dangerous by their looks. Some of you may also like them. But their presence in your home is not a good sign. They enter your attics to have babies or have shelter in bad weather, but damage your ceiling & insulation. To eliminate squirrels from your home, contact Total Pest Control Ltd, and hire our services for pest control.

Cockroaches Control

These pests are common in almost every region of the world. They love going into dirty places and then carrying different germs to your home. A lot of diseases and contamination of your home accessories and foods is their habit. You cannot bear these dirty creatures even for a single minute around you. Hiring Total Pest Control Ltd services will do the trick for you to eliminate them. Our specialist team for the extermination of cockroaches has all the techniques to eliminate them from every corner of your home.

Fleas Control

Fleas are wingless insects that love sucking the blood of your pets. Things will not stop there only. They also make their full effort to suck your blood as well. If you are witnessing some rashes on your arm and red spots, it might mean your home has been infested with fleas. You can hire Total Pest Control Ltd to totally eliminate them.

Insects Control

Of 1 million described species of insects, some will definitely have infested your home if you don’t have a solid defense against them. Diseases, property damage, and food contamination is associated with different types of insect. Some of them are too dangerous to make you sick with their bite. Total Pest Control Ltd is a certified company to eliminate all types of insects. We know how to identify these insects and what techniques will work against them.

Why Choose Total Pest Control Limited?

Top Rated for Pest Control

You find the reputation and effectiveness of any pest control service by its previous achievements. Our company with different awards over the past few years has made it to the top of the list of best control companies. Total Pest Control Ltd has become the platinum winner in 2020 by Community Votes White Rock in the category of pest exterminators. It also has won the consumer choice award of 2020 in Vancouver, Corporate Vision Magazine’s Best Pest Control company award, Surrey Now-Leader’s Reader’s Choice Award, as well as one of ThreeBestRated for consecutive years. These accolades and achievements have helped cement our position among the best pest control companies in Burnaby and the surrounding areas.

Advanced Methods and Equipment

Laced with advanced equipment and effective methods, Total Pest Control Ltd’s workers are the most efficient in town. Our equipment allows us to reach most hard to reach places where pests usually make their habitat. We also know how to eliminate them from these spaces as only getting a few of them out is not enough for complete extermination.

Competitive Prices

Many make the mistake of picking a less effective pest control Burnaby BC company due to their low budget. The result is that pests come back sooner or later. This problem is now solved as Total Pest Control Ltd is offering excellent services at a market competitive prices. This makes our services affordable in Burnaby for almost all types of people.

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