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Is your home or business place flooded with pests? Total Pest Control Ltd offers the best services for pest control in Vancouver BC that can help you deal with this daunting situation. You can trust us to make your home pest-free. Whether you want to remove pests from your home or work place, we will do the job with perfection.

Our team of pest control exterminators in Vancouver is equipped with all modern instruments and techniques for the effective removal of pests from your home. No matter where they have hiding in your home, our team will reach there and force them to leave. Our highly specialized workers will prevent you from being an unwanted host of several types of pests.

Ant Control

With more than 12000 species, ants can be found in almost every home. They possess some serious health threats to you. No food containers will remain protected from ants once they infest your home. Furthermore, several species will not hesitate to bite you whenever they come in contact with you. Get our specialized ant control Vancouver services to hire our ant exterminator team.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are one of the most common home pests. They will hide in your beds, mattresses, box springs, or crevices in walls and other furniture items. They reproduce at a quicker rate and it will become hard to control them on your own. Bed bugs suck your blood at night when you are in deep sleep. Total Pest Control’s experienced bed bug exterminators in Vancouver can help to get rid of these blood-sucking pests.

Wasps Control

Wasps are among the more aggressive and dangerous pests. You will never want to find yourself around their nest due to their aggressive nature. Dealing with wasps on your own without preparation is not recommended. They will sting you again and again and make your body swell and ache. Hire our wasp removal Vancouver BC services to get these stingy pests out of your home or backyards.

Rat Control

Damaged property, contaminated food, and several cuts in clothes – all these things are associated with a rat infestation in your home. Rats are one of the creepiest pests ever and you don’t want to catch a view of them in your home. They can cause several diseases and allergies to you. To get rid of them, you can trust Total Pest Control Ltd’s rat control Vancouver services.

Mice Control

Identical to rats but much faster, and smaller in size, mice are one of the dangerous home pests. They carry germs for several diseases and transport them to your food and everything else that comes in their path. They also cause a strong smell in your home. To avoid these unbearable conditions, you can trust Total Pest Control Ltd’s services for mice control in Vancouver.

Squirrel Control

From the first look, you will not consider squirrels as pests. They seem harmless but the reality is different. They are well known all across the globe for the damage they can do to your property. They too carry some germs to your home. Contact Total Pest Control Ltd for their effective control.

Cockroaches Control

Cockroaches are probably the most hated pests ever. You will never want to see even a single cockroach around your home. So, how can you ignore a complete pack of them roaming freely in your home and spreading diseases? Hire the services of the cockroach extermination department of Total Pest Control Ltd for effective extermination of cockroaches from your home.

Fleas Control

Fleas are tiny flightless pests that can infest your home and start living there without coming to your notice. They are one of the leading parasites in mammals. So both you and your pets can become their victims. Their only diet is your blood. Hire our services to eliminate fleas to avoid yourself and your pets from becoming their host.

Insects Control

Your home is always at risk of being attacked by several seasonal insects. These insects may be harmless in some cases. But most of them are no less than viruses as they may cause several disease outbreaks in your home. Damage to certain home appliances and food are some additional risks associated with insects. Hire Total Pest Control Ltd to identify and remove any type of insects from your home.

Why Choose Total Pest Control Limited?

Licensed Workers

Never hire a company that doesn’t have a proper license to eliminate pests. At Total Pest Control Ltd, every worker is licensed to control specific types of insects & other pests. You will be totally free of any worries after hiring our licensed workers. This is one of the many factors that make us the best company for pest control in Vancouver BC.

Our team is equipped with the latest tools and supplies that make pest control an easy job for them. Furthermore, we mostly use eco-friendly technology that helps us play our part in protecting the environment while protecting your home against pests at the same time.


Experience matters in every department of life. You will never allow someone to do certain experiments on your home to eliminate pests. Your priority is to hire experienced candidates only. Our company has experienced and qualified workers. They all know how to do their job and will give you desired results.

Excellent Track Record

The track record of Total Pest Ltd is unmatchable. We have already provided our services in Surrey, Langley, and many other nearby regions. The history of our company is full of achievements and good records against different types of pests; thereby making us the best pest exterminators in Vancouver BC.

Competitive Rates

Though we provide premium quality services in Vancouver, we still offer market competitive rates. You will have the best pest control services at your doorstep at a reasonable price. We don’t have some hidden charges and everything will be discussed ahead of payments.

All these factors make us the first pick of every person for pest control in Vancouver. If you too are struggling to get rid of pests, contact us now!

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