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Mice Problem? How To Rid Your Home Of These Furry Monsters

Mice may look like furry balls, but is indeed a harsh pestilence to get rid of. Not only will they eventually cause harm to your home, but also poses a health threat! Mice are seen as the world’s most advantageous mammals as they can adapt in all situations. They came to North America aboard the ships of Europe, together with Norway and Black Rats.

Mice problem in BC Canada? Call the best pest control professionals in the industry. We, at Total Pest Control, deal with commercial, construction and residential areas. Furthermore, our company is insured and Government licensed. Amongst a great variety of pest control services that we offer, we can help to get rid of the mice infestation effectively.

Total Pest Control can also boast as the company with the fastest response-time where emergency calls are concerned! We have well trained and experience workers and the appropriate equipment to deal with mice and a multitude of other pests. We offer scientific and advanced technologies to solve the problem.

We also offer house inspection services, to determine the extent of the mice or other pest infestation. These services are rendered at reasonable and highly competitive prices.

Techniques to control mice

  • Seal holes & openings
  • Keep your home and surroundings sanitized
  • Use mice traps or poisonous bait
  • Keep your home organized
  • Be proactive, and keep your eyes open for mice activity both the inside & outside of your home

However, using the above-mentioned techniques may pose to be useful; but it is no warranty that you will be getting rid of mice. Call in a specialist to exterminate them. We are only a phone call away.

 Signs if you have mouse house-guests

  • Mice urine
  • Mice droppings
  • Signs of gnawing

Mice can damage books, clothing and furniture. Usually these little pests prefer to gnaw on your home appliances’ electrical wiring. These include stoves, refrigerators, clothes dryers and TV’s etc.

Mice Control Services

If you become aware of an infestation of mice, call a professional company, because they are trained and have the knowledge of how to get rid of mice in your house, once and for all!

Mice and rats have lice and fleas which carry a variety of pathogens and parasites. By getting into contact with their urine or faeces it can be transferred to adults, kids and pets.

It’s better to get rid of the mice plague as soon as possible and you will have the peace of mind that this eradication process will be done effectively. Keeping your house clean and to get rid of all clutter will be good to keep them away.

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