How to Get Rid of Wasps

Wasps Among all insects, Wasps are the cause of biggest headache because they can make their nests in various parts of your house, can build the nests with amazing speed, and have an utmost itching sting. You want to figure out this issue ASAP which hovers around your head when you step outside on a hot day (or night) with your kids and family and encounter these buggers. Their sting can cause swear allergic reaction, and could especially be harmful for kids. Generally, wasps have the tendency to weave the nest on the roof of the house, but you can find wasp nest anywhere around the building, like at a tree, building corner, underground, inside the walls, inside the ceiling, and under the furniture, etc. Wasps are of various kinds but most common are the ones also called as Yellow Jackets. We will discuss some of the common wasp species before moving on to their control methods.

Yellow Jackets

They are easily recognizable due to their heavy waist and bright yellow color. They are famous for being very aggressive especially if there is any movement close to their nest.

Ground Wasp

They make their nests in the ground. Normally they choose rotten wood, like the old root of a dead tree, which was left in the ground, and make their nests in those.


These are larger in size but less aggressive as compare to Wasps. Their feeding time is dawn and dusk. These are also very common in North America.

Wasps Control Tips

1. The first and utmost tip is to throw a call to the wasp control professionals. Their trained and fully equipped staff will pluck them out quickly and efficiently. They will impart you authentic tips and techniques for the future as well. They have the equipment to trap them from the narrowest space.

2. For getting rid of wasps you have to find out their location. In older homes, finding a wasp nest in attic is very common. If the attic has openings on the outside, then be ready to expect the huge nest.

3. The next step for some people is home remedy. Numerous well-known products are available in the market to get rid of wasps. Just go and explore the market but make sure to go through the description of any trap you use beforehand.

4. If the solution you want to try is pouring something on the nest, rather than using a trap, make sure you do it in early hours of the day or late hours of the night, when there is lease activity in and around the nest. Be very careful, or get ready for the subsequent attack.

All aforementioned tips are easy and will make the area safe and secure. But to hire a Pest Control Company to remove wasp nest, just like any other insects, will leave top-notch results. They have chemical base eliminators to drive fast and effective results. Total Pest Control Ltd also offers Wasp Control Services at affordable prices. Our professional team applies techniques and equipment to hit them in far corners of attics, in their underground nests, or in dark crawl spaces. Call to book an appointment with a technician to exterminate the wasps and make your house safe for you & your family.