Pest Control : An Introduction

Insects are known to be most abundant creature of the world with highly diverse structures. Some of them help humans in different ways like fertilisation of flowers, but most of them in general are either of no use to men or are hazardous. In fields, they may destroy crops and the food reserves and those living close to men can spread the diseases. Insects and animals like Tics, Flea, Bed bugs, Mosquito, Sandfly, Cockroaches, Rats or even some Birds can spread diseases which range from simple itching by Bed bugs to severe systemic diseases by Tics or Mosquito. They may cause diseases directly by biting or indirectly as vector between disease spreading agents and humans. These pest can be anywhere around us, inside the bed, on roof of our house, in our yard or in the carpets. Everyone should be cautious about preventive measures on individual as well as community levels. There are many ways to keep yourself and your surrounding safe from these disease spreading agents but most of times one should consult the professionals of this field.