Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control Services by Total Pest Control Ltd

No one will ever want to have pests at their business place. Whether it’s an office, warehouse, restaurant, or manufacturing unit, the presence of pests is unbearable in every place. You can trust Total Pest Control Ltd for commercial pest control services as we have already done so for many of our customers located in Surrey, Richmond, Langley, and parts of the Lower Mainland.

Our team is well equipped with all techniques and proper equipment to exterminate pests from commercial places without damaging anything else. Whether you’re looking for office, warehouse, or restaurant pest control services, we have the solution for you. Each member of our team is highly qualified in providing commercial pest control services. They have experience and they use only those products for extermination that are harmless to the manufacturing unit or stored products in the warehouse.

Most Common Pests Found in Commercial Spaces

Ant Control

Ants can easily make their way to your production house and storage house. They will settle their big colonies in warehouses as there is plenty of food and/or shelter available to them. They will start eating the stored foods and ruin them. To prevent the reputation of your company, you must remove these ants from your office and everywhere else. Hire our commercial pest control services to get ants exterminated from commercial sites.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs can ruin your business’ reputation especially if your business is related to hospitality industry including hotels, motels, and hostels. Hire commercial bed bug control services by Total Pest Control Ltd to get rid of them.

Wasps Control

Wasps can build their nest anywhere in your office, warehouse, or manufacturing unit. They will not stop stinging if any of your workers come closer to them. However, things will get worse if they sting one or more of your customers, and they will definitely do so due to their aggressive nature. Therefore, they should be eliminated at the earliest to avoid such mishaps that harm the reputation of your business. Total Pest Control Ltd’s commercial wasp control services will do the trick for you.

Rat Control

Rats can be found anywhere on a commercial site. Their best place will be your warehouse. They will ruin the stored food materials and your food industry will have to bear a huge loss. Moreover, they will also roam freely in your office at night, leaving germs, droppings, and smell. Contact Total Pest Control Ltd to solve this problem as soon as it is detected. Our commercial rat control services will do the job of eliminating rats with perfection.

Mice Control

Just like rats, mice too will love to stay in your warehouse. Due to their quick speed and sharper teeth, they can also damage your office appliances. What happens when you are all set to present your ideas in a meeting using a projector and you find it’s not working because mice have cut the wires of your projector? The same could happen with your machines at the manufacturing unit. Hiring our commercial pest control services to control mice is the best solution to solve this problem.

Squirrel Control

Squirrels may look innocent and even cute by their appearance but they aren’t good for your business. They will love chewing everything at a commercial site. This will ruin certain office appliances and cost you a lot for their repair. The worst damage is done to the electrical wiring of the commercial buildings. Electricity wiring is very complex in commercial buildings but squirrels will never think before chewing the wires. Hire our squirrel control services for commercial spaces to get rid of them.

Cockroaches Control

You may bear everything but not the cockroaches in your commercial building. Along with all their ugliness and creepiness, they also bring several diseases to your working place. Your employees will fall ill due to the disease-causing microorganisms carried by them. Furthermore, they also produce allergens at any commercial site and introduce several allergic problems in your employees. This may ruin the whole setup in a few months. Therefore, you must hire commercial pest control services to get rid of these stubborn pests.

Fleas Control

These flightless and wingless pests can enter any commercial site by several resources. If you ever have a rat or mouse infestation, fleas may also come with them. Fleas will jump from one host to another and suck their blood. If your business is related to pets, you must be extra careful about them. Fleas-borne diseases are very dangerous and they will affect the reputation of your business as well. Therefore, hire our specialized commercial pest control to get rid of them.

Insect Control

Insects are not confined to any boundary or your home only. They can infest any commercial site if there is no proper system to block their entry. They will not come alone to any commercial place. Several diseases, property damage, ruining of appliances, and different allergens are their companions. Therefore you must get rid of them as soon as you see any of them around your office or warehouse. Contact the commercial insect control services by Total Pest Control Ltd to make your office insect free.

Why Total Pest Control Ltd For Commercial Pest Control Services?

Licensed and Insured

Total Pest Control Ltd is a licensed company based in Metro-Vancouver. We are Licensed, Insured, and WorkSafeBC certified. We also are also BBB and accredited.

We are also fully insured, ensuring the peace of mind of our clients. This will help both us and our customers to deal with any mishap that takes place during pest control.

Site Visit

Our company offers a free visit to the infested commercial site before finalizing the deal. This site visit will involve the identification of pests and the severity of the infestation. Every aspect of the pest control process will be discussed with you. You will also be informed about the dangers of these pests remaining unchecked. You will also have a glance at our plan to control them. In short, we will discuss everything and clear all your queries during this free visit.

We offer site visits all over Vancouver and surrounding area, including Delta, Surrey, Langley, and Richmond.

Deal With Every Type of Pests

We have expert teams that can deal with every type of pest. Once the pest has been identified, we send the team that is expert in controlling those pests to exterminate them.

Best Customer Service

We are well known for providing the best customer service. Our free site visit supports this claim of our company. In most cases, you will be responded to within 2 hours and will get the services at your site in the next 24 hours, no matter where you’re located in Vancouver.

If you want the best company taking care of pests in your business place, contact us to make your site pest free.